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About Us

Our mobility solutions help our customers to improve their top-line & bottom-line

We popped up 5 years back and since then have been a fixture on the Mobile landscape.Headquartered in Mumbai, we are a Mobile solutions company constantly rediscovering ourselves with new technologies. With a portfolio of more than 100+ mobile apps across all platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, Xamarin, Blackberry, Html 5 and TIZEN. We have worked across all the major verticals – Lifestyle, Health and Wellness, Food, Auto, Fitness, Fashion, Astrology and many well-known brands. Our mobility solutions help our customers to improve their topline & bottom-line.

100+ Apps

A portfolio of apps across platforms - iOS, Android,Windows, Xamarin, Tizen, Html5, blackberry.

5 million Downloads

Our apps have been downloaded globally across countries. Some apps have been Bestsellers.

User Reviews
10000 User Reviews

User reviews and ratings have contributed in upgrading and improving our apps.


With the right mobile strategy you can get new customers,improve brand experience and generate revenue via sales and promotion.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile Strategy is a roadmap that aligns business goals, user needs, competitors, market and evolving mobile technology to achieve robust, sustainable product in the mobile ecosystem.
• What is Mobile Strategy?
• Benefits of Mobile Strategy
• Steps in Mobile Strategy
• Business Needs

UI Design

“ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication “
•  What is User Experience ?
•  UX Process
•  UX Methods
•  Benefits of UX
•  Conceptual Design
•  Logical Design
•  User Interface


What Clients Want
• An app that works efficiently with minimum efforts:
• Platform agnostic Mobile apps – which means an app, which works on ios, Android and Windows.
• The same user experience across all platforms
• Easy to scale or upgrade with minimum efforts
• Future proof solution
• Improving efficiency and productivity
• Tool for lead generation
• Cost effective solution

Mobile App Analytics

Making the perfect app is only 50 % of the battle won. Remaining 50 % is analytics and marketing of the app. It is very important to collect accurate data on how users found the app, how they have interacted with the app and which users become valuable consumers. We need to know:
• How many total & active users have downloaded the app?
• Which features have they used?
• Which marketing generates the most valuable

For a detailed presentation please send us a query or call us on 09987997773

New Launches

These are our recently launched apps.


Daily Miracle Guidance and 10 minutes quick guide to get started towards your path to Success and Happiness. You will also find a step-by-step guide for 30 minute Yoga that helps overcome fatigue, stress and    more…


shares the work, events, and resources of Re.D Studio, the research and development department at the American School of Bombay. It brings the diverse work, events, publications, and shared resources from Re.D Studio together for    more…

My Daily Fitness Guide

is the Official Windows phone App of Gold’s Gym India that helps you reach your Ideal body Weight and stay Fit. Get Exercise and Diet Plans, Log your Gym Workouts, Track your Progress and Much More. Get Fit and Stay Healthy with a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.    more…

What Hi Fi

The World's number one hi-fi and entertainment magazine. What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision is the world's leading independent guide to buying and owning hi-fi and home cinema products. Our comprehensive tests help you buy the best equipment for your cash, with the magazine's    more…




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