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Our contemporary, yet simple-to-operate mobile applications help your business attain centre stage. We take great care to see that our smart mobile apps & their visuals appeal to your clients in the right manner adding clinching value to your product package.

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We have apps on Brands, Health, Wellness, Spirituality, Beauty, Yoga, Astrology, Ayurveda and much more………

My Daily Fitness Guide


Ritu Kumar

Vivanta by Taj

Indian Pet Shop



Beauty at home

365 Vegan

Diet And Health

Valentine Date Planner




Astrology Types

Cosmic Health

Face Value

Chakra Meditation

Makeup Beautiful

I love

Cleansing Aura

Panchang 2014

Youth Forever

Divine Calendar

Celestial Gems

Women Safe Circle

Astro Wellness

Cosmic Numbers

Ayurvedic Remedies

Zodiac 2014

Oracle Wisdom


Yoga Cure

Astro Fun


About Popup Technologies

What do you need to hit the ground running with a mobile-application company?

The right mix of experience, enterpreneurship, a bit of being-at-the-right-place-at-the-right-time kind of opportunity,you’d say. Well of course, but all this bereft of passion will create only a ripple. We were looking beyond a ripple.A splash would be more like it& here we are- Popup Technologies.
Headquartered in Mumbai, we are a Mobile Applications Solutions Company in the thick of it all since 2011. From web apps is where we swung into action. As we speak we’ve managed to conjure some pretty cool business apps too, across multiple platforms and 40 sectors. Our apps in Xamarin, Android, iOS, Windows, Html5, Tizen, Java, Symbian & Blackberry have rocked the mobile space.
In a changing world that puts a premium on comfort & convenience we “Popup Technologies” are the closest you come to having a model business collaborator. We could be the sheen the world sees you by.

What We Do?

Popup Technologies in their 4 year voyage has dealt with a slew of business sectors understanding the nuances & needs of each. Our approach is based on first-hand–experience rather than hear-say, clearly, a big advantage we pass on to you from the beginning of our association. Be it life-style, Health and wellness, Food, Auto, Fitness, Fashion & Astrology we’ve done it all.
Across all mobile platforms our swell designs assure a liberating UI & UX experience. When you choose Popup Technologies, you’re well on your way to an App Store Hit.
Embarking from the Micro to the Building stage Popup Technologies fantasizes & builds mobile apps that go beyond parts & assemblies- all this at low-cost & across all current platforms. In the bargain we help you add to your list of accolades & clients.
Our illustrious clients are chuffed about the applications we made for their business. By expressing their pleasure, offering our work as a benchmark to their associates they also do their bit toward propping us up. Where would we be without you! (😉).
Some of the trendiest ones, we have worked on & those you’ll surely spark to include some insanely awesome apps we built elevating an assortment of sectors like Brands, Wellness, Healing, Health, Spirituality & Lifestyle.

Our Team

Coalescing as the brain-child of media, design & telecom VAS professionals Popup Technologies is steered by the richly experienced duo of Ms Manisha Rathore (CEO& Founder)& Ms Poornima Phaltankar(Co–Founder & Director).

Manisha Rathore: (CEO & Founder)
With over 20 years in the mix Manisha has seen it all. Over her stint in New Media, she has been an integral part of the launch phases of Telecom companies like Reliance Infocomm, Tata Teleservices, Bakrie Telecom ( Indonesia), Aircel Ltd Telecom. Her scholarly approach towards various topics, businesses & non-business sectors means a clear understanding of the client’s needs& well-thought out solution’s adhering to specific business needs.

Poornima Phaltankar– (Co-Founder & Director)
Poornima, an IIT Bombay, IDC Postgraduate, has worked with Entertainment conglomerate Plus Channel & B4U before joining the Telecom sector.Her Telecom stints include Reliance Communications, Tata Teleservices as the guiding light behind the entire UI/UX. Heavily into designing, that captivated her from an early age her out-of-the-box designing instinct makes for an uncommon professional.


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