Click Jobseeker

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App Overview

This app is for the Hotel Jobseekers who can search for job opportunities and receive daily job notifications and apply for the jobs matching to their skillset and expectations.

Click Jobseeker is a m-commerce platform that helps the jobseekers in hospitality industry to find the right job at right location. It is an information exchange platform that helps candidates in hospitality industry to know about right jobs at right locations. Jobseekers will get to know about 'One day job requirements' if they want to utilize their free time.

Key Features in the App

  1. The Job Seekers can avail the services of the app for free.
  2. The app facilitates the job seekers to view & apply for the job requests as submitted by Hotel profile.
  3. The app allows the users to set their availability on a day today basis.
  4. Whenever a hotel submits a request for a certain job category, a notification is sent to all job seeker users who have set that job category as their skillset.

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