Click Vendor

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App Overview

This app is for the Hotel Vendors, giving them an opportunity to be discovered and to showcase their products and services on a single platform.

Click Vendor is an m-commerce platform that connects the hotel owners with local vendors. The aim of the application is to become a one-stop marketplace for different vendors to showcase their Product & Services categories on single platform making it easy for hoteliers to find, compare, and bargain for their hotel supplies.

Key Features in the App

  1. The Vendors can avail the services of the app on subscription basis.
  2. The app allows vendors to view entire hotel database.
  3. The app allows the vendors to select the Product & Services categories for which they can provide the supplies.
  4. The app facilitates the vendors to submit a quote for requisitions received in their respective category/sub-category.
  5. The vendors can create offers & promotions
  6. The app provides ability to the vendors to auction over-stock inventory.

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