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App Overview

Mobile App For Hospitality Industry for


Click Jobseeker is a m-commerce platform that helps the jobseekers in hospitality industry to find the right job at right location. It is an information exchange platform that helps candidates in hospitality industry to know about right jobs at right locations. Jobseekers will get to know about 'One day job requirements' if they want to utilize their free time.


Click Hotel is an m-commerce platform that helps the Hoteliers to connect to hospitality Job market on one hand and to the local vendors on the other hand. This product will cater to the needs of Hotel - HR and Hotel - Purchase departments.Hiring in the hospitality industry is extremely difficult as it is very hard to identify good staff.The platform will help the hotel owners to simplify their recruitment process by connecting them to a relevant database of suitable candidates, view their key skills & eventually contact them if they are good fit for the business. It will benefit the hotel owners or their purchasing department to identify & connect with new vendors virtually at their leisure and convenience.


Click Vendor is an m-commerce platform that connects the hotel owners with local vendors. The aim of the application is to become a one-stop marketplace for different vendors to showcase their Product & Services categories on single platform making it easy for hoteliers to find, compare, and bargain for their hotel supplies.