Mobile Strategy – The foundation of your dream project

mobile strategy

Mobile Strategy is a roadmap that aligns business goals, user needs, competitors, market and evolving mobile technology to achieve robust, sustainable product in the mobile ecosystem. There are various reasons why a client may want a mobile app, the main being - CONNECT, ENGAGE or SELL .

Mobile Apps help our B2B & B2C clients achieve following business goals:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Engagement
  • Revenue generation Lead generation
  • Saving Time & Cost
  • Improving Productivity
  • Branding & Digital Footprint

The business goal and concept together become the starting point for Mobile Strategy. The following are steps in the strategy process:

  1. Requirement Analysis

    Clients often have an idea/ concept for developing a Mobile app – so the basic requirements come from the client. Further requirements emerge from the competition analysis. Some clients also do market research/survey – the findings of which are taken into account while defining the requirement.

  2. Competitive Analysis
    1. Research is undertaken for the following:
      1. Identify competitors
      2. Provides an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses
      3. Study and Assess competitor performance
      4. Identify key success factors
      5. Profile objectives and strategies of competitor’s
    2. Evaluation help us establish our product/service uniquely thereby help to identify target market& refine revenue model.
      We formulate the functional requirements for the mobile app based on Initial requirements shared by the client, Competitive analysis and Survey results
  3. User Analysis
    1. It determines the characteristics of the users which will influence the development of the mobile app.
    2. The scenarios will be based on the functional requirements finalized for the app.
    3. The requirements are further mapped against various roles/profiles identified for the app.
  4. User Experience(UX) & User Interface (UI) Design
    1. Conceptual Design i.e. wireframing of the Mobile App
    2. Logical Design i.e. process flow of the Mobile App
    3. Graphic look and feel of the logical design
  5. Recommendations

    Offer value-adding suggestions/ recommendations in terms of:
      Economics (Revenue generation)
      Engage your customer

  6. Prototyping

    A prototype is created which works exactly like an app on the mobile and gives a complete view to the user of the look and feel and glimpse of the functionality of the mobile app.It can be offered for pre- launch marketing/ investor presentations.

Benefits of Mobile Strategy

With Mobile strategy in place the client gets a complete idea of the scope of the project, all details and functionalities are thrashed out, scoping for technical integrations and development is done. Costing and timelines become realistic and believable and all stakeholders get a better grip on the complete project. The development is faster, smarter and free from patchy work as change requests are rare and occasional.

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