10 New Trends in Mobile Applications

mobile strategy

Currently For Main mobile apps are available on platforms like Android, iOS, Windows & others. (Statistic)The apps are becoming more complicated, feature rich & informative. With increase in devices at the front end, improved app platforms to collect, store, process & offer visibility of data. It will allow brands to take real time decisions to improve performance.

  1. Big data visualisation

    IoT estimated to connect 50Bn devices by 2020. Mobile app developers will continue to focus on adding new data collection methods. They will add data management & data visualization tools & solutions for proper organization of data. Connected devices through platforms to provide visibility of user data via apps to enable more meaningful & differentiated interactions, create personal customer experiences.

  2. Mobile Security

    Information security remains a big challenge on mobile devices especially for sectors like banks & healthcare. Developers need to adopt latest security practises to secure their apps & data it possesses.

  3. Enterprise Apps

    App developers to work on building and managing applications/ platforms for Enterprise market to improve productivity & efficiency.

  4. Wearable devices

    The focus will shift additionally towards integration of wearable devices with phones/ tablets via apps with better interfaces & performance.

  5. Payment integration

    Using a mobile phone to pay will allow developers to build apps that can process transactions without the need of cards or cash.

  6. E commerce Merger

    Apps, Social platforms & E commerce to merge. Social platforms like Instagram with “Shop Now” & Pinterest with “Buyable Pins” are integrating E commerce.

  7. App development

    Hybrid HTML5 as a development option getting preference from enterprises. The cross platform frameworks like Xamarin are also preferred to bring down time & costs. However native is a 1st choice for best quality apps.

  8. Do it Yourself platforms

    Cloud based “DIY” platforms to help our customers build mobile apps rapidly/ economically without any technical knowledge.

  9. Mobile games

    Have gradually started to move from single player to multiplayer with integration of social media. The need for frequent and regular updates in the games created demand for cloud based mobile games. Gamification is a way to go.

  10. Monetisation of App

    Mobile app advertising and purchases will drive the monetization of the app. While download charges will be negligible or free.

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