Hyperlocal Platform           

Hyperlocal Platform    

Our hyperlocal platform helps you connect with your local community and helps to accelerate scale. Companies can integrate our ready to use Hyperlocal platform to create and manage a local network of retailers/distributors remaining focused on last mile connectivity.

Hyperlocal Platform

Location… Location …Location…

You want an app that gets Hyperlocal ! Call us.

Hyperlocal is the new BUZZ. If you have a Hyperlocal idea and need a technology team to help you build your dream project – get in touch with Popup Technologies. Hyperlocal space is having its time under the spotlight in India and mobile apps are playing a pivotal role in driving the overall ecosystem. Popup’s Hyperlocal solution will help connect with your local community and accelerate scale.

What is Hyperlocal ?

It is a digital footprint with location intelligence for the consumers to bring you what you want exactly where you are.

Why Hyperlocal?

Hyperlocal apps focus on a specific and limited area - region or town; they will target a more specific geographic location within that area.
Hyperlocal markets marry the benefits and convenience of online shopping with the opportunity of personal interaction and comfort of local retail shops – to offer the consumers the best of both worlds.

When Hyperlocal ?

NOW. Now is the time as the hyperlocal boom fuels india’s economy and generates employment opportunities.
It works towards empowering smaller and local retailers to think smart and tie up their business virtually to serve customers in their locality. Customers in fast-paced cities stand to benefit from the easy accessibility, which makes it a win-win situation for both customers and retailers.

Features of Popup Hyperlocal Platform :