progressive web apps

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are the next big thing for the mobile web because it combines the best of web and mobile apps. In simple words it is a website built using web technologies that acts and feels like an app.

It does three major things :

  1. Install web apps to home screen like native apps
  2. Receive push notifications
  3. Work offline

progressive web apps


  1. Discovery – It can be discovered using search engines.
  2. Progressive – It works on any and every device & browser.
  3. Safe – It is hosted over HTTPS which is a secure protocol.
  4. Installable – It can be installed on the native handset screen.
  5. Re-engageable – Push Notifications increase user engagement.
  6. Connectivity independent – It works offline.
  7. App-like – Looks like a native apps.
  8. Responsive – It adapts to the device form factor and screen.
  9. Linkable – Sharing is easy by sharing the URL.
  10. Updated – Content updates happen seamlessly when connected to internet.