User Engagement Module

User Engagement Module

The first step is to acquire customers and once they are on board we need to find multiple ways to engage with the customers to keep their interest alive in the app and to use the app on a regular basis. Our user engagement Module is inbuilt in your app and its backend and offers the following features:

DIY Platform

Push Notifications : Configured from the backend which help the user get back to the app with personal timely messages.

In App Notifications :The app sends relevant messages to the users while they use app

Web Notifications : Notifications are also shown on the website

Your Campaigns : Engage your users with pre-built, ready to run campaigns

Email Message : Customized/ Reminder emails to the user

Scheduler : It sends pre-configured messages to the right users at the right time

Segmentation : Create segments/ Filters based on any activity, location and profile characteristics

Personalized Messages : Greet users by name, or personalize the message based on who they are, or what they’ve done