App Developement              


Native, Hybrid, Cross-Platform across all platforms

• What Clients Want
• An app that works efficiently with minimum efforts:
• Platform agnostic Mobile apps - which means an app,
which works on ios, Android and Windows.
• The same user experience across all platforms
• Easy to scale or upgrade with minimum efforts
• Future proof solution
• Improving efficiency and productivity
• Tool for lead generation
• Cost effective solution

App Developement

Mobile Cross Platform Xamarin Development

We are one of the leading Mobile Cross platform Xamarin developers.

Popup Technologies is a Xamarin Authorized-consulting partner and our CTO is a Xamarin Certified Professional. We evaluated multiple cross platform technologies and finally zeroed in on Xamarin about 2 years back. We have delivered multiple projects using Mobile Cross platform Xamarin technology.

Xamarin is a robust and powerful tool with which we build native cross-platform apps for Android, iOS & Windows. As a leading Xamarin Developer India, we specialized in developing mobile apps for multiple everywhere. Xamarin helps us build native apps for multiple platforms. We have expert team of coders; testers and designers specialized in developing cross-platform apps for iOS and Android using Xamarin.

Popup recommends Xamarin to our clients because:

•   Use one team, one code and one set of tools, optimizing budget.
•   Accelerate time to market with 60-100% shared code across platforms.
•   Scale for ongoing maintenance, iteration and new technology.

Hire our highly skilled and experienced Xamarin development services located in Mumbai, India. Popup has developed more than 10+ customized mobile solutions and platforms using Xamarin cross-platform mobile technology.

Our Approach

" Clients are struggling to choose between Native Apps, Hybrid apps or Html5 or Web Apps. "

Your choice of development strategy is decided by your requirements and business challenges that you face. We will recommend whether you should go for pure native or cross-platform or Hybrid depending on what you want to do with your app.

The entire process of translating your functional requirements to technical requirement is done in an interactive session with a detailed discussion on server architecture, DB architecture, web admin modules, web services, middleware, integrations and testing.

Our Development approach is agile focusing on client involvement, frequent iterations and collaborative approach and integrated testing throughout the project lifecycle.

Our strong technical competency, well-defined project management methodology, a dedicated UX team and an inhouse Design studio provide mobile solutions that offer critical business benefits, aid transformation,accelerate innovation & bring competitive edge to our clients.